Back to the NICU

Adleigh had to go back to the NICU. The xray of her stomach this morning actually looked really good. So that wasn't the issue anymore. They were also able to wean her down on her oxygen to 0.2 liters. That is almost nothing! So today she started having lots of desats. This is not how Adleigh usually acts. She went from 0.2 liters up to 3 liters within 5 hours. So they did a blood count on her and she had a hemoglobin level of 7 (they usually want it to be 10-12). And it came back that her white blood cell count was a little off. Since all of this was happening they decided that she needed to go back to the NICU where she can get some extra attention. She ended up getting a blood transfusion today at 2 pm and she is going to get another one at 2 am. She was having way too many apnea spells (where she stops breathing) so at 6:30 pm they put her on the vent. I absolutely hate seeing her on the vent, but I know that this is what she needs to rest and breathe better. We started antibiotics just in case she has an infection and they 24 hour mark will be at 12 pm tomorrow.

Liana has been our little encourager today. She got to go down on her oxygen to 0.8 liters. She seems to like it but is still having to adjust to the difference. I haven't been able to get her to take a whole bottle yet, but she is getting the hang of taking one a little more and she doesn't get as mad when I put the bottle in her mouth. As soon as she takes a whole one they will let her try taking 2 a day. So my goal for tomorrow is to finish a bottle.

Here are our prayer requests:
  1. That the blood transfusion will help Adleigh regain her strength so she can get off the vent quickly.
  2. That there will not be an infection.
  3. That Liana will finish a bottle tomorrow.
  4. Liana tends to desat when we touch her so please pray that she begins to tolerate and even enjoy when she is being handled.
  5. And as always pray that Liana's next ultrasound shows her brain is clear of any evidence that there was ever a bleed.
Here is sweet Liana all bundled up with an awesome hat on.

A cute close-up of Adleigh.

And here is an awesome video of Adleigh from 2 days ago when we were able to feed her the bottle she finished and burp her!


Colleen Corbett said...

Awesome is the best word to describe your girls. And beautiful, and precious...they are so adorable Ferris! I prayed your specific prayers last night. I know Adleigh will have a better day today.

Michelle Jamie said...

Will continue to pray!

Tasha Via said...

You guys are doing so well this these 2 little blessings God has given you. We're still praying=)