1 Liter

Adleigh went to 1 liter on her nasal cannula! She seems to like the change and hasn't desat any more than she did with 2 liters. She is working up on her feeds...she is up to 26 mls now. By tomorrow night she should be off of her IV fluids and then maybe Thursday she will be able to have her IV taken out. I am pretty sure as soon as she gets this IV out they will put in the order for her to go to progressive care.

Liana is doing about the same. They started giving her a bottle once a day yesterday. But she doesn't know what to do with it yet. She sucked a few times but then she chokes and forgets to breathe. But soon she will learn to coordinate how to breathe while she eats. They are also talking about Liana going to progressive care. Since she has MRSA they have a longer wait for a bed space, but I think they may give the order for her to be moved either tomorrow or Thursday.

Check out Adleigh being adorable yet again...(I do have a video, but it is too big so you will have to just see the pic right now)

And here is Liana with her primary nurse Darlania. We are going to miss her and all of our other sweet NICU nurses when we move to progressive. And Darlania is pretty sad about her leaving too!

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Carly Nicole Elliotte My Micro Preemie said...

I haven't posted a comment in a while but I do still read the girls updates daily! They are looking so good. Moving from the NICU to the NPCN is a scary step, but yet a great move! It's one step closer home. I cried when Dr. Fisher wanted to send Carly. But once we got there it was so private and personal. Great quite time with your babies there!!!! And the nurses there are great as well. I'm so glad to see the girls progressing everyday. GOD IS AMAZING! :)