On the road to recovery

Man, I have been so tired at night that I just can't seem to add in blogging to my nightly routine, but here I am giving you the update in the mid-morning.

Adleigh is still doing great. They say she is being really alert and moving around. She is doing great being on 4 liters of oxygen at room air. I am sure they will be able to wean her down even more soon. Yesterday the central line that she had surgically put in had some blood coming out of the incision. They checked everything and it still looked great it just might have been she pulled a stitch or something. So they changed her dressing and will keep watching it. There is a paste they can put on it to help any bleeding to stop. She weighed 4 lbs 13.4 ozs! Some of that is her retaining fluid so they think once she loses the fluid she might go back down a little. She looks like she is feeling so much better! We still aren't sure when they will start her feeds back. Her tummy still isn't completely normal but with each xray it looks like it might be getting a little better. She still has a few more days on antibiotics so they might just wait until they are finished. And lastly, we got the results back from Adleigh's eye test and she has stage 1 ROP in the second zone. So her and Liana have the same thing. Still isn't of much concern, but they will keep an eye on her.

Liana did a better with her bottle yesterday. She still didn't take all of it but she didn't turn blue. She seems to be going through a little bit of a weird phase. She had been eating her bottles like a champ and now she doesn't really care about eating from it. And she has had a few more bradys and apnea than she did a few days ago. They think it is just all reflux related so they increased the time it takes for her food to go in to 2 hours. I talked to the doctor about her brain ultrasounds and it is still slowly resolving. He showed me all her scans and you can see how it is starting to looking better. He and a nurse practitioner told me that the fact she doesn't need a shunt with a grade 4 bleed is a miracle already. The doctor even prayed with me after we looked at the scans...I love it! I just can't wait until we see all that God is going to continue to do in her life. I have no doubt that Liana's brain is going to be completely healed and that God will receive so much glory for it.


Judy said...

They are truly tiny women of the Living God! Thank you for being so faithful to tell your miracle story. Rest in Him.

As the song says, "Strength for today and bright for tomorrow, blessings all mine with 10,000 besides! Great is Thy Faithfulness!"

jasonbradley said...

Hi - my wife Kelly and I are friends of Nick and Jessie Connelly's. We have 16 month old twin girls who were born at 34 weeks. We didn't go through nearly as much as you are going through with earlier births, but our girls were in the NICU for three weeks and have faced many feeding and some health challenges since coming home. But I wanted to encourage you as you face long days in the NICU that once you get your girls home it will all be worth it! My girls crawl and walk as fast as they can to get me when I get home from work! And they have now quadrupled their birth weights! Blessings to you and Wade and hang in there. God is faithful!

Tasha Via said...

We prayed for you and Wade today, that you would have strength, endurance and stamina during this. We also prayed for you as you balance work into it as well as trying to be the best husband/wife to each other that the other one needs. It's already been 2 months. It must seem like the longest 2 months ever sometimes, but ya'll are doing amazing!

sammie said...

I love a miracle!! God is so very good. Our family has been praying with you and it is so wonderful to read about Liana and Adleigh's progress. Our daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Powers is a 27 weeker, grade 4 miracle!! God completely healed her 7 years ago and she has no effects of her hemorrhage. I pray that God, our Great physician, will continue to completely heal both Liana and Adleigh. We consider it a honor to keep praying for your family.