Reflux and storm doors

Looks like the girls are enjoying progressive care. Today Wade's parents and uncle came to our house to fix some things before the girls come home. We now have a storm door on our side entrance because there was a bad draft there. They also worked on putting a closet organizer in the girls room. We are just trying to make sure our house is ready!

Everything is about the same with the girls today. Our main prayer for them right now is to grow out of their reflux. Their reflux causes apnea and bradys and although they recover quickly it still is something they have to really watch.

Liana tried to take the bottle again today, but was not having it. She only took about 4 ml out of it. But it won't be long until she takes a whole one. Practice makes perfect.


Denise Northern said...

My son Parker has reflux too (he is a preemie...just came home Tuesday after 69 days in the NICU). He has it really bad to where he is on Zantac and a wedge to sleep...

But he has gotten a ton better since being home. It's not fun to watch your baby want to eat and hurt while doing it.

I pray your girls' reflux is not as bad as my sons and that they will continue to grow and be healthy.

Hang in there...been praying for you since I came across your blog!

Kendra Haneline said...

Hi Ferris... I don't personally know you, but wanted to let you know that you've been in my prayers. (I live in Shelby & went to church with all the crew from there...Brandi Rabon told me about your girls & I came across your blog on Holly's)... Anyway, I've been reading your blog over the past few weeks & want to say what an amazing testimony it is for your family. God is truely blessing your girls everyday & I'm sure it's because of your faith in His healing power. It is so awesome to see how much they have progressed! I pray each day get better & they will be able to come home soon.

Kendra Haneline