More Oxygen

The doctors turned up Liana's oxygen to 4 liters. This is a step backward for us, but they think it will help her with her bradys and desats. And we definitely want to help her get rid of those. She had a brady yesterday morning, but the whole day after that she didn't have any episodes. So hopefully this is working for her. She is taking 3 bottles a day and seems to enjoy it a little more. Liana now weighs 4 lbs 5.2 ozs. Here is a picture of her sucking her pacy which looks so big compared to her little face.

Adleigh is doing great. They put her back on feeds and right now it is still breast milk. She gets 5 ml every 6 hours. If she keeps tolerating it then they will probably go to every 3 hours or possibly do 10 ml every 6 hours. I got some great pictures of her yesterday. She is getting so big, we are at 5 lbs 5 ozs now.

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Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. Your girls are beautiful! I know 5 pounds seems big, but you will be blown away when you look back at this time. My son Micah was born premature at about 5 pounds and it's so hard to remember how small he was. We're expecting again and when I look at premie clothes, it's hard to believe they ever fit!