Good Intestines

Adleigh's xrays of her intestines looked great!!!!! She has no obstruction or narrowing of her intestines. God is amazing. He protected Adleigh and allowed everything to be normal. They may have to end up giving her a formula that is more broken down than what breast milk is, but we should find out their game plan tomorrow.

We talked to Liana's NP and mentioned her going on reflux meds. She keeps having episodes around her feeding times and they have tried everything except giving her medicine. We just want her to be able to eat without having her face turn blue.

Thank you so much for your prayers! We are praising God and doing a happy dance right now.


Anonymous said...

Good to her the Great news Ferris, and the girls are Beautiful!They look so healthy,,thank you for putting the pics on here, We all appreciate that very much. we love you all,,kisses to the Girls,,love MoM

Karen said...

I am so happy for you and Wade!! This is great news! The girls are so adorable and God is so awesome for healing them and keeping them safe!! We will keep praying that they will both be home soon! God bless,

Denise Northern said...

Reflux is no fun at all. Parker came home on Zantac and he has to sleep on a wedge...but I tell you what, it does wonders for him. Like Liana, he would alway have episodes around feeding time and it was so frustrating because that was all that was keeping him there in the nicu...but once we introduced the meds and wedge, it worked wonders.

I know how frustrating it can be, but God is watching your girls. Hang in there my preemie parent friend!

God Bless you, Denise :)

Becky said...

PTL! We haven't forgotten about you all up here in VA. We check the blog daily and pray for you all the time!!! Thanks for letting us share in your story. We will keep praying...you just keep "pressing on!".

Becky Burton
(Sarah Burton Troutman's Aunt)

Tasha Via said...

We'll do a dance with you.