Feeding update

Adleigh got to start feeds yesterday. They started her out with 3 mls and were going to keep her on that for a day or two until they were sure that she could handle eating. But last night she started having more residuals (food left in her tummy) and she would have that after every feed. So they decided to stop for a day and let her belly adjust and then start again tomorrow. Adleigh also had another eye exam yesterday and they want to see her again in a week. The official report hasn't come back but it still seems like it is just stage 1. We aren't really sure as to why they chose to see Adleigh back in a week and Liana back in 2 weeks, but I plan on asking the eye nurse today or tomorrow.

Liana did amazing with her bottle yesterday. We didn't have any bradys and she finished within 20 minutes or so. Also, it looks like her bradys during throughout the day are decreasing. When I called at 9 this morning she hadn't had any since 1 am! I am so proud of her.

In other news, I am starting to try and get our house ready for when they are able to come home. We want to do a really deep clean to get rid of any germs, Scooter hair, mildew, etc. So for this week I plan on getting everything in its place and get ready for disinfecting time. Not to mention we still have to get the nursery ready!

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