Bullet Point Updates

Here are a few updates from the day:
  • Liana's cranial ultrasound showed that it is still unchanged. This is still great news because it shows that she doesn't have any swelling in her brain. We are praying that her ultrasound in 2 weeks will show that the bleed is completely resolved and if they are coming home at the end of August then that would be her last ultrasound.
  • We found out the results of Adleigh's and Liana's eye test. Adleigh's showed that her eye blood vessels are still immature (which is the result we want) and Liana's showed that she has stage 1 ROP. Stage 1 isn't too bad and the ophthalmologist isn't concerned. This is something that can heal on its own and just needs to be monitored. He is going to check both girls in 2 weeks.
  • Liana may have the order written tomorrow to go to progressive care. They will try to send other babies if possible before her so that she and Adleigh can try and go around the same time.
  • Adleigh is working up on her feedings. She has still been having aspirate so right now she is at 23 ml and they can't go up on her feedings unless she has less than 2 ml of aspirate. We want to get that IV out!
  • On an interesting note, we found out that while we were blazing last night with no air that the NICU's air conditioning also broke and they were sweating it out too for a little while. They even took the clothes off the babies. It is pretty funny to think that the all of the Joye family was sleeping while it was hot! By the way, ours got fixed and it is cool again.
Thank you for all the prayers, love, and support!

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Austin's said...

I somehow stumbled onto your blog a few weeks ago and just keep coming back for updates. My nieces were born at 26 weeks with TTTS. They are now 11 years old and the most amazing little girls you've ever met (I'm a little biased, though!). I just wanted to send a note that our family is praying for you all.
~Lindsey Austin