It's August

It is officailly August. This is the month that we have been praying that the girls would come home. There are 4 weeks in August so if the girls are going to come home these are the things that have to happen before then:
  • The girls need to be off of oxygen. They are on 2 liters and we need to go to 0 liters. We are pretty close.
  • The girls have to learn how to eat with a bottle or learn how to breastfeed and take all their feedings that way. We haven't even attempted to bottle or breastfeed yet so we have some work to do in this area.
  • They have to regulate their own body temperature. They are both learning how to do this in their isolettes now. Once they have gotten good with that and stay hot in their isolette they will move them to an open bassinet.
There might be some more things they have to learn so if i think of any others or if I am told something else then I will let you know. These bullet points are what Wade and I are specifically praying for our girls to accomplish by the end of August. We just want them home so bad! Thanks for praying with us.

On another note...I know this is probably a longshot but I figured I would throw it out there. We have one White Martine Lifetime Crib made by Delta Enterprises and Babies R Us sold out of them and it has been discontinued. We want two of them so I went looking on Craigslist and found one, but the lady had already sold it. So if anyone has connections to this style of crib let me know because I would love to buy it from you!


Anita said...

Good morning Ferris! Let me start off by saying that we have really enjoyed being able to keep up with you guys and the progress of the girls through your blog. We are praying and believing that you will have them home by the end of August! Anyways, I found your crib online through a different website: www.eastwaymall.com then just plug in the name of the crib into the search box. Hope this helps!

jessdare said...


I got my cd today and already loving it and haven't gotten off my two fav song yet!!!

Just wanted to let you know I couln't get on this morning either but I prayed that I would be able to and I did!!

I prayed for the specific request you asked for the girls. Keep the pics coming.


Anonymous said...


this may be another place to buy the crib you want.

good luck
ann addison

Anonymous said...

I saw one like this in natural color at Big Lots in Columbia, maybe you could find one at a nearby store and have it painted...if you hit dead ends elsewhere.