Baptism Awesomeness

Today was amazing at church. We ended up having around 400 people decide to be baptized today at both of our campuses. Which means over the past 2 weeks 1,000+ people have been baptized. I was blown away by what God did in our church today. Also, the band did the song Healer and it was so powerful. I think a lot of people really connected with that song and I got really emotional singing it today.

Adleigh took one entire feeding through the bottle today...that was 35 ml which is a little over an ounce. I was so proud of her. Then I gave Liana a bottle today as well. She seemed to like it more than she did yesterday and it looked like she was eating but when we looked at how many mls she had eaten it was only 2. So apparently she just wasn't sucking hard enough to get anything out. Both girls were doing better with their oxygen saturations and bradys. We are seeing our girls overcome so many obstacles and we are praising God for all of that progress.

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Cindy said...

I have to tell you this. Our chuch sang that song for the first time this morning. As we sang it I thought of your baby girls. What an awesome God. This just brings tears to my eyes. (Like I put before in another post you and I don't know one another but I pray for the girls and your sweet family.) Our God is so good! Two women that have never met, singing the same song in different churches, praising the same Lord for his goodness and healing powers in your daughters. I am speechless. What an amazing Father we have!

Cindy Walraven