Off the vent

Adleigh is doing great after the surgery. They were able to take her off the vent and she is at 5 liters on the nasal cannula. She seemed to feel a lot better and I finally got to see her today with her eyes open and moving around.

The girls each had their eye exams today and it looked like they were the same as last time. The eye exams are pretty stressful for them, but they both did really well. Liana needed to have a little more oxygen after her eye exam and they decided not to feed her with the bottle except for when I came in., so that she could recover from everything. Liana took 25 of the 28 mls she gets now.

Here is a video of Adleigh showing us her pretty face and acting like she feels much better.


Sarah Troutman said...

I am so crazy about your babies! I cannot wait to come for a visit and see these little miracles in person. Love you guys and constantly praying!

Sara P.B. said...

Those cheeks are delicious! I cannot wait until the girls are home and we can kiss all over them. We love you and are praying up a storm! Praise God for His abundant grace and blessings! Fe- I cannot imagine how tired you and Wade are, but thank you for continuing to let us all be so involved in your lives!