Baptisms, Eyes, and Air

Today church was amazing! We had spontaneous baptisms and so many people came forward. I was so excited and clapping and then I saw this middle school girl who was crying and after seeing her and thinking about all of the people coming down to publicly show their dedication to God I started getting teary eyed! It was awesome.

Liana had a bit of a rough day after her eye exam. The exam is pretty grueling and it really takes a lot out of the girls. Liana ended up vomiting/spitting up two times. She also had to go up on her oxygen percentage. She went through a lot today. We felt so bad for her. We haven't gotten back the results from the eye exam for either girl yet but we should know something tomorrow.

Adleigh didn't like the fortifier in the milk and she had too much aspirate so they stopped her on the fortifier and they are thinking of trying another type. They are holding her at 22 ml and tomorrow they will decide what their next step is. She still needs to get to 27 ml in order to be at full feeds and off her IV fluids.

When we got home from seeing the girls tonight, we walked into a house that was 89 degrees. Our air conditioning unit is broken. Apparently it will turn on but the fan doesn't work and it kind of sounds like it is going to explode and it is really hot to touch. So we turned it off and turned our ceiling fan on high. Hopefully our air conditioning service people can come out in the morning. We set up camp in the living room and have an air mattress to sleep on!

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