Posing for pics

Adleigh went NPO again. Her intestines had gotten dilated again and they didn't want to push her. So tomorrow she will get another xray and they will see if they are able to feed her again. We just want her to eat!

Liana looks like she is doing a lot better with more oxygen. At some point we will have to wean her off that again, but hopefully she will grow out of the bradys and desats soon.

Tomorrow we are going to start getting the nursery together! I can't wait to have it fixed up and ready for them to come home to.

Here are the girls with mom and dad (Wade with Adleigh and me with Liana).


Colleen Corbett said...

Ferris, they look huge compared to just a few weeks ago! They're so gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see pics of the nursery!

wendy moody said...

Oh my goodness. . . how they've grown. They are too cute!!! Hope to see you soon.