The girls keep trucking on

The girls are getting closer and closer to progressive care. It is awesome to hear the nurses say, "I will be back on Monday with her...that is if she is even here." How far we have come!

Liana has a cranial ultrasound on Monday. She has these every two weeks to keep check on any swelling in the ventricles and to watch how the bleed is resolving. All the doctors and nurses seem kind of amazed that she hasn't had any swelling in the ventricles. Wait until they see a completely normal brain on one of those scans!

Adleigh is still working on being on full feeds (the max amount of food for her weight). They added fortifier to the breast milk to give her more calories and when they did that she started having more aspirate (stuff left in her stomach). So, now they are going to hold her at a smaller amount and then see if she does better. They think she just needs time for her digestive system to learn how to digest this new part of food. So we probably have a day or two before she is off her IV fluids and on full feeds.

Both girls are supposed to have their second eye exam today. Please continue to pray that there will be no sign of retinopathy of prematurity.

I also had a shower yesterday and it was amazing. I felt so loved and the girls got lots of great things. We got a lot of our big items we needed and tons of cute clothes! Thanks so much everyone who came and for all the wonderful gifts. You all are so generous!

Here is a little family pic with Adleigh!


MicahandBrensMommy said...

you guys look like such proud parents! it's amazing how natural it feels, isn't it?? I believe that the brain scan will be clear and the doctors will be amazed!! They are such miracle babies already! God can definately use them to further His kingdom; and I know that He will!! You are all in my prayers. i look so forward every day to checking yours and Wade's blogs!!!

Judy said...

What a blessing! Isn't it amazing that one day they will grow out of those big clothes you received at your shower?!?