Taking a bottle

Liana actually drank 10 ml of milk from a bottle today. This is the best she has done with this so far and we were there to take a pictures and some video. So here is the short video we took!

I got to give Liana a tub bath tonight. She really seemed to like being all wrapped up in the warm blanket after the bath was over and it looked like she was enjoying her hair being brushed.
She also only had one desat episode recorded today which means she is becoming more stable with her oxygen. We are continuing to pray that she will be off the nasal cannula in a week.

Adleigh got off of her IV fluids called "triple mix" today. She is still on clear fluids and they will probably run that for a day or two. So we are pretty close to having that IV taken out! She is also doing so much better with digesting her food. She is having less aspirate and it isn't taking as long to go through her system. The girls keep having such great days!


Erin said...

Loving the video clips!

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Anonymous said...


Donna and I have been monitorng your's and Wade's blogs. We are so pleased to see Liana and Adleigh progress and geting bigger almost every day. They, as well as you and Wade, have pulled through some rough times. We continue to keep you all in our prayers.

God Bless,
Michael & Donna Truelove