Showing off a pretty face

Wow, today was amazing to see Adleigh without her nasal cannula! She was satting 100 the whole time which is the best she could possibly do. Her little nose looked so beautiful. I even think she was enjoying not having it in because she kept grabbing her nose like it was brand new to her. The nurse even said that they are most likely going to try feeding her tomorrow with an emphasis on taking it very slow. They want to make sure her tummy is going to be okay.

Liana did amazing with her feeding again today. She drank the whole bottle in less than 30 minutes and satted 100 the whole time and then at the very end she had about 4 ml left. She started to eat that little bit and then she had a brady! I keep trying to tell her not to scare mommy anymore but she doesn't seem to listen. That is Liana's biggest obstacle right now. She has about 4 or so bradys a day and they are usually about 30 minutes after she eats. They should go away with time so continue to pray that her little body will mature quickly and handle the reflux and not have bradys.

Her are some pics from yesterday and today.
This is Adleigh yesterday with our first captured smile.

Here is Liana sleeping peacefully.

And here is little Adleigh showing off her pretty face with no cannula. She does have some marks on her face from removing the tape though.


Holly Furtick said...

Ferris they are absolutely beautiful! Praise God for Adliegh's improvement!!

Tasha Via said...


Lisa said...

amazing. they are both so gorgeous. i'm so happy for you.

Wendy Moody said...

Such beautiful girls!! Thanks for for continued dedication to this blog and I'm loving the new layout!!!

Tim O'Keefe said...

Ferris and Wade,
I continue to read your blog and continue to wish you all the very best. We think of you at Mt. Horeb often. Your name came up on our prayer requests the other night at my small group. Be well.
In love and friendship, tim O'Keefe

Anonymous said...

They are Beautiful. We are praying for your family. The marks will go away with time. My daughters red marks lasted a few days and then faded away!! I am so glad the girls are doing so much better!