Ugh! Applications.

I am really excited about moving to Charlotte. I can't wait to find our next house and being involved at Elevation is going to be amazing! But, there is one thing that is not fun at all and that is the dreaded job application process! All these insecure thoughts creep up. Here is what runs through my mind:
-How am I ever going to make it in Charlotte with so many other talented designers
-What if I blow an interview
-Will people even like my portfolio
-Oh no, I have to work on my portfolio!!!

See it isn't going so well in my head. But I know that I have to trust that God has a job out there for me. Right now I have a few places that I am excited about sending an application to.
1. Discovery Place: Their website said they needed a print designer and I am sure that would be one of the funnest environments to work in. Just think of all the little happy kids running around and I would get to design for them!
2. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association: Their site said they needed a graphic designer as well and I would be honored to work there. To be able to design things that have real meaning and purpose is something I have longed to do. I told Wade a dream job would be to work at a church and design for them. This would totally be that dream job.
3. Muzak: I have heard that this place is pretty cool. Checking out their website I found a graphic design job and it seems to be such a creative place. It would be cool to work at a music place and design print materials. It seems like it kinda combines everything Wade and I do!

I am still looking for others and I have yet to turn in any applications, but I am scared and excited. We will see what God opens up for me!


MoM said...

Ferris ,,putting aside the fact that you are my daughter,,I think that you are a very likeable person,,and very smart , I enjoy your love for God , and how I have seen you grow, mature ,and I'm very pleased with you. God wil instruct you, just take your time and listen to him , and he will tell you what you need to hear about your profoiolo,(ms),and what all you need to do to get that certain job that God has already planned for you. All in his timing..He's preparing you. For some reason Leigh Capilino just came to my mind do you think that she could put in a word for you somewhere? Love you! MoM

Sharlie said...

Ferris, you are awesome and a company would be stupid not to hire you! I will be thinking about you though!

meagan said...

i love you ferris!! i will be praying for you! hey, i would like to have your email address. :)

-meagan ( i dont know how to use this thing still) haha

Will said...


Your blog is my inspiration. I hope to one day be as consistently interesting as you. Your variety of posts is fun and entertaining as well as meaningful. I want to start a buisness just so I can hire you as my graphic artist/blog consultant. Just thought you could use some encouragement bride of best friend and charlotte won't know what hit um!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Will, I love reading your blogs... and I'd love to see your whole portfolio too. Ashley brought hers home and I am amazed at her talent.
See you soon...