Trash the Dress

After Wade and I said "I do" and were on our way to glorious St. Lucia, Wade's mom took my wedding dress to the cleaners and had it professionally boxed to preserve it. Since we thought we were moving really soon she offered to keep it at her house until we had room for it. Right now 2 years later it is still sitting at her house. One day I am sure I will pick it up and put it in my closest somewhere.
I do wonder why we keep our wedding dresses. Sure it has the whole sentimental value thing going for it, but we put it in a box out of sight. You may say that your daughter or someone you know may want to wear it for their wedding, but wouldn't you want them to go through the whole process of picking out "their" dress (one of the biggest moments for a bride)?
I probably will never do this, but secretly I am wishing I could Trash My Dress. When you start looking at the way these photographers have captured these brides it looks amazing. I especially love the ones where the husband and wife kiss in the water or are in a waterfall. How romantic looking. It shows all this passion that says "I don't care about my dress, only my man!" Ha!
You would have this lasting photo of you having ultimate fun in your dress and showing your hubby that you will never need that dress again.


Megan said...

wow! that is CRAZY! i am with you though i love the kissing one and the ocean ones...i just dont know how you find these crazy websites!

Ferris said...

I check out lots of design sites. A blog called Unclutterer had this one.