Pay it Forward

I had one of those "Wow" moments last night.

It all started when Wendy and I got together with our small group girls, well the two that were able to come anyway. We went to TCBY and hung out and we had a great time catching up on what has happened over vacation time and boy drama. One of our girls had to work last night, but fortunately she worked across the street so we walked over so we could see her and gave her a belated birthday present.

By this time it was just Wendy, one small group girl Kathryn, and me. And we were hungry for real food. It just so happened that Kathryn works at The Mediterranean Cafe and they serve healthy options, so we decided to go there. She ran into a couple that she happens to waitress quite often and they looked so happy to see her. She told them she was with her small group and they asked about what church she went to, etc. During dinner I found out that Kathryn had won this prize at school for being a caring, thoughtful, Christ-like person. I was so proud of her. Around that time Kathryn's couple left and told us to keep doing small group because it is such a good thing. How sweet!

We finished eating and were just waiting on our check. We actually thought that the waitress had forgotten to give it to us. She came over after pouring us like 15 glasses of water and said that we could leave whenever because our check has been paid. We were puzzled and tried to get the waitress to tell us who did it. But we guessed that it was Kathryn's couple that she normally waits on.


I think that is an amazing concept. Kathryn had made such a great impression on this man and woman that they wanted to reward her and her small group! How generous of them. It is like one of those pay it forward moments where now I want to do something nice for someone else without them knowing it.

What a great reminder to always be Christ-like. People develop an opinion of you and you want it to be a good one. But what is great is not only was Kathryn showing this great attitude at work where she gets paid for it, she was also showing that attitude at school too. I feel so blessed to have Kathryn in our small group!

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Megan said...

that is soo awesome!! kathryn is the bomb...but then again so are you and wendy :)