Celebrate Good Times

So here it is. My 100th post! Everyone please stand up and applaud. Just kidding. Well, if you want to you can.

So I thought for this post I would honor my top four blogs that I HAVE to check and I would recommend that you get their feed as well.

1. Apartment Therapy: Sure I don't have an apartment or live in New York, but this blog is awesome. They have so much great interior design stuff. They have my favorite post series called Good Questions where you can send in a question about your apartment and how you could make something look better. AND the reason it makes the top 3 list is because it constantly updates. I work 8 hours at a desk. In the morning I check most of my feeds and not many update during the day, but I can count on AT to bring me a quick break from the routine.

2. Cute Overload: Who can't check this everyday when they have things like this:

This is also a frequently updated site. I go here and get a quick fix of cuteness and smile at my computer because of the extreme adorableness.

3. Pastor Steven Furtick: Not only is he about to be my pastor, but he is just freakin cool. His blogs are always top notch and so amazing to read. I end up learning something biblical and something life applicable every time I click on the link. And from his site you can go to all the other Elevation related websites that have been made to help other church planters and also let you know what is going on for each series at Elevation.

4. Wade Joye: I know he is my husband and you think that I have to put him on my list, but I am totally serious about you needing to read his blog. He comes back from his week at BigStuf today so you can be sure that after the blog drought caused by his "working vacation" that he will have some new awesome blogs up his sleeve. Seriously, I am truly blessed everytime I read Wade's blog and I love to read how he writes, so will you. This is where you would go to know what music you should check out, how life is in the ministry, and some random life updates. This blog is definitely a must read!

Well, there are my top 4 blogs on my 100th post! I am always wanting to add to my blog feeds so if you have a blog that you think I need to check out then please give me the link in my comments section. Maybe the blog you send will get my top 4 blogs honor in post 200. You never know.

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Will said...

100th blog Ferris. That's Cool!!