It's not all about YOU

I used to think that I was such a positive person. To an extent I still am, but I think that I sometimes let small things creep under my skin.

The other day at church and I was trying to leave early so that I could visit my family which is 2 hours away. I was totally in my own world as I made my way down the hallway to find Wade so I could say bye. When I barely heard someone say, "Everyone looks mad today." I looked around to find out that the person was talking about me because apparently my own little world face looks very serious. I know that this was just a misunderstanding because I wasn't mad at all. As I walked outside to my car, I felt horrible about it. I kept making excuses in my mind that I didn't do anything wrong. But I kind of did.

I think I and probably a lot of other people have turned things to being all about ourselves. On Sundays, I need to be joyful that I am able to be around so many other believers and celebrate the fact that I get to sing with hundreds of others about my Savior. I need to be thankful that I get to hear a sermon that our pastor took hours to prepare. I want to be in awe that so many people volunteer every Sunday to teach the children, youth, adults in their Sunday School Classes. I don't need to be in my own little world thinking only about what is going on in my life.

But it goes farther than that. I have mentioned to Wade a lot recently that I feel like I am always going and always busy. But that fact is I have two jobs that are so amazing. I want to celebrate the fact that God has blessed Wade and I with jobs that have supported us and that are a true blessing to work there. And I want to be at my job and be a total blessing to all those around me. I never stopped to think that my reason for being at both of these places is for the people around me and not myself. So, I have started walking with my head high in the halls and try to make a point to smile at the people I pass. I don't want to be in my own little world that someone can mistake as me being mad.

I think it will be a challenge to not focus everything inward. When you are at church don't think about why someone didn't come say hello...why didn't you? Maybe they need your encouragement. Is it a church where they don't sing your style? Well look around you and know that the words and the attitude are what matters. Celebrate Christ through your heart...it is about God not you. When you are at work and someone doesn't use your idea don't sulk around thinking that they messed up instead be excited to help make someone's idea a reality.
I know this is a work in progress for me, but I truly want to embrace the people around me and start making it all about them.

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