I'm a girl, finally!

Wade and I are still in the process of making our house look stellar to any potential buyers. Yesterday was deck stain day. Wade's pal Christian came over and from about 5:30 to 7:30 they were busy staining our front deck. It looks absolutely amazing! It now has this rich reddish hue that looks really good with our beige color siding.

While this was going on, I decided to get the grime out of the bathrooms. I had read online yesterday about what gets soap scum and water marks and all that other bathroom nastiness off. And guess what everything said to use...our friend the magic eraser. And it really does work. I cut up one eraser into 4 pieces so that I could get the most use out of it before it is too dirty to keep using. So I worked on our tile grout, the dirt that sits on top of the baseboards, the faucets and the entire bathtub. It took 5 entire magic erasers, but it was well worth it. Now the soap scum is gone and the stains in our tile grout have vanished. And I have realized that if you have an area that you think you could never get a stain to go away then try the magic eraser. In our bathroom we have a floor vent that gets wet from us stepping out of the shower. The vent ended up having rust around the edges and no matter what cleaner I used it never looked clean. However the eraser wiped it up like it was nothing! I love magic erasers. It did remind that things take a lot longer when you have let the dirt accrue over time. Just think how easy it would be if you did that every two weeks. Your bathrooms would sparkle.

I told Wade that I finally feel like a girl. I like cleaning so my house will smell fresh and not have random dust bunnies and dirt everywhere. I am getting the decorating bug and want my house to look like it could be in a magazine. And I want to be really organized so everything has a place and there isn't some massive clutter catch all. Right now we have a few of those, but after the move I want to remedy that. The only thing I don't really have the burning desire to do is cook, but I think it will creep in soon. Something that has been helping me a lot lately is the Real Simple site. Their organizing section is giving me some really good ideas and the cleaning part has already helped me out a ton.


Megan said...

Rhonda through Rachel enlighteed me to the awesomeness that is Real Simple...best magazine ever!

Sharlie said...

I LOVE the Magic Eraser. It is soooo awesome. And you should definitely start cooking. It can be fun!