Thoughts from the weekend

Here are a few random things from the weekend:

  • Saw Ocean's 13 for date night Friday. I think those movies are really funny and I love having so many interesting characters in one movie. It was also the day before Wade's parent's anniversary so we ate Mexican with them and got some ice cream. Here is a pic of Wade and I before our date.

  • I got emotional Sunday morning when some parents brought up their young babies to get a special prayer of blessing. There was one dad who apparently ran to the nursery to get his child and who made it just before the invitation was over. That one made my eyes really water. I don't know if that is just sweet or if God is somehow giving me the baby bug. It is so weird to be like this...I used to never be emotional!
  • On one of my design sites it had a link to a website where you can vote for your favorite new South Carolina license plate. I know I won't be here when the new ones get issued, but it will be cool to see the license plate I voted for win. You should vote if you are a South Carolinian.
  • We had two families come look at our house this weekend. I have no idea if they are interested, but it is nice to know some people are looking.
  • This isn't about this weekend, but rather next weekend. I am going to see CATS with my mom and sister and it is going to be amazing! My sister got hooked on this while she was in high school and everything that she liked, I liked. So we are both pretty excited about getting to see it together.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I voted for the lic. plate that had the purple mountains and went to the blue sea. Which one did you vote for? I miss you.


Ferris said...

I really wasn't blown away by any of them, but I went with the sunset feel with blue ground and palmetto tree (first option). I miss you too!