Check Me Out (Prayer)

And now for another installment of Check Me Out.

Mt. Horeb is starting a new series on prayer which means I have a new series poster to share with you. In this poster I took my own photography, some of you may know the model Will Troutman.

My thought process was that prayer is a communication with God that has gone back thousands of years so I wanted the poster to share that same feeling. However, I didn't want it to look like ancient Greece. Instead I remembered the old books that the monks would write in and how some of their typography was very ornate and the books are very worn from age and use. So that's my thought process and here it is so you can tell me if I succeeded.

Having finished this one means that I don't have any more series posters to do before I leave South Carolina. That seems so surreal.

1 comment:

Will said...

The poster looks great Ferris. Really like your choices in style and form. I'm honored to model my FACE for one of your creations. My public could have used more bicep though. Look at me, my first modeling job and I'm already acting like a diva. You nevalose!