Adleigh still didn't get to eat today. Her xrays showed her intestines were still dilated. She really needs to poop and when she tries to go she can't get anything to come out. What is so sad is when she cries while she is pushing because she is in pain. So tonight they were going to give her a suppository to help her move things through and then do a lower GI test tomorrow. That test will just make sure that her rectum and lower intestines do not have any narrowing. Adleigh got to have a swing beside her bassinet for some extra fun time. Here is her first time in the swing. She looks super excited...ummm maybe not.

Liana had a crazy day. She got cold and had to go back into her isolette. And then she ended up having a few more desats and bradys. They did a blood count to see if she has any kind of infection. The initial results looked good so maybe she was just having a rough day since she was cold. We also found out that her eyes have progressed to stage 2 like Adleigh's. Apparently they have to be identical in everything. Liana's next cranial ultrasound is Thursday. We are still praying for the "sun to stand still" and have her brain healed.

Their "due date" is September 18th and we are praying that some miracles will happen to get them home by that date. A lot has to happen but I know that God can do it in a day if he wants. I just miss them so much and it is getting so hard to leave them each night. I need them home.


Adam and Aimee Freeman said...

I don't think we ever posted on yours, so I wanted to send an email to the girls so they know Team Freeman has been pulling for them :)

Liana, First of all, Kayleigh misses you but we are all so proud of you for doing so well and making it over to progressive care. We pray that you will continue to be strong and fight through the obstacles placed before you. You have been such a warrior and we know God will do great things in your life.

Adleigh, I have yet to meet you, but I say a prayer for you when I come out of the South Nursery everyday and look over to your isolette. I pray that you will get back on track with your feedings and you will make it back over to progressive in no time. I am proud of you for being such a big girl and showing everyone that nothing is going to get in your way of coming home to Mommy and Daddy.

You both have such wonderful parents and Aimee and I are so blessed to have met them. I know you will be well taken care of because God has blessed you in so many ways with so many wonderful people in your lives. The whole Joye family and Elevation Church is AMAZING!!!!

Wade and Ferris, Stay strong and know that God is in control. He is awesome in so many ways and we know first hand by the three little miracles He has created for us. I can't wait for the day we can bring our children together to play. It will certainly be an incredible day. God Bless you guys and We love you!

Adam and Aimee Freeman :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for keeping us all posted on your girls. Even though we are not a part of your individual church family we are a part of your larger church family and believing along with you guys.

How are you guys paying all of the hospital bills? Is there a place to donate online?