One brady

Liana went 24 hours without any bradys and then at 11 am today she had one. To her credit it was when we were putting her in a swing and somehow she kind of slumped over and had some reflux. So that is our bad. But the countdown restarted at 11 today and she has to go 7 days. I think now we know that we still have to be very conscious of her reflux and the Enfamil AR has helped her tremendously but it can still come up.

Adleigh had her CVL taken out today. And tonight she will finish the vaccine shots. She is doing great and eating like a champ. She is very messy eating and drools and spits everywhere. We are going to be using tons of bibs, thankfully we have a whole basket full of bibs.

That's all the news I have tonight. I promise I will post some pics tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Once your girls come home, what are the rules for having them around other people?? Can they be in the nursery at church?? Or with a babysitter??

Just Curious,