Newborn size

Liana had some more episodes today. It was actually one of her worst days in awhile with how many bradys she had. So all the day nurses agreed that we need to either put her on Enfamil AR or add another teaspoon of rice to each ounce of formula she is getting. We had wanted to do this earlier but the day I talked about it to the doctor she was having an amazing day. But it looks like she is back to some rough days so I am going to ask again.

Adleigh didn't have her CVL removed today. It will be tomorrow when it is taken out and she is going to progressive care as well. She will start her immunizations tomorrow and it still looks like sometime early next week she will come home. I already told Wade to be prepared for me to go into task mode as I try to get our house completely ready for little Adleigh to get here. I am so excited!

Latest weights showed Adleigh being 6 lbs 11 ozs and Liana is 5 lbs 7 ozs. They are both in newborn size diapers and have pretty much outgrown their preemie clothes. My tiny babies are getting so big!

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Judy said...

"Yes, Mommy, we need new clothes, we're tired of those old little clothes. We're big stuff now!"

Hooray!!! Save a few of the preemie things for them to dress their dolls someday.