Wade explained what is going on with Adleigh on his blog tonight, but I will just give a quick overview here as well. The test of her lower intestines came back and showed that an area in her large intestines has narrowed and is making it very difficult for Adleigh to pass anything through. So the only option the doctors have is to go in and cut out that portion and then they will either try to reattach the intestine or put in a colostomy bag. If she has the bag we would have to go back once she reached 12-15 lbs for them to go in and repair the ends. The surgery is planned for Friday morning at 10 am so please pray for her during that time. We are praying that they will be able to connect the intestine and not have to put on the bag since that would mean another surgery for her down the road.

Liana had a much better day today and only had one brady (too bad it was while I was feeding her). She now weighs a little over 4 lbs 8 ozs. We definitely needed to have a peaceful time with Liana to help us recover from the news about Adleigh today. Thanks for all the prayers...we need them!


Colin, Juanita, Ian, Brooke and Gavin said...

I have been reading your blog now for several weeks and following the progress of your kiddos. My son Gavin was born at 25 weeks weighing 1 lb 3 oz at birth. He just turned one on Sunday. At 10 days old, Gavin had 2 bowel perforations and lost 7 cm of his intestines resulting in an ostomy. He had an ostomy bag for several months before having a reinastimosis to put his intestines back together. Our thoughts and prayers are with you for Adleigh at this time. Our God is an awesome God and he is holding your little girls in the palm of his hand. Gavin has little to no effects from the surgery other than having no belly button. He has pooped fine since the day they put him back together and we have not had one single set back. I wish you well with the surgery and that all turns out with the best possible outcome. If you have questions about our ostomy experience or just need a shoulder to cry on you are more than welcome to email me at anytime.

Juanita Philben

megan said...

brandon and i will continue to pray for your sweet girls. i admire the faith you two have shown over the past few months. as a pediatric nurse, i admire the families of these precious babies, and i have seen God do some incredible things. keep praying, He will prove Himself ever good and faithful!

Kelly H. said...

I am praying for your girls tonight Ferris, and will be in the morning too. Praying for you and Wadar as you endure the next few days. I'm proud of you, you are a great mom-love you!