Off O2

What a great day we had yesterday. I walk in to see little Liana's beautiful face...unobstructed. That's right she is off her oxygen! I was so excited. I didn't expect her to be off for awhile, but there she was chilling out, no desats. I was giving her the first feeding after she had had her cannula removed and it took her an hour to try and eat. I guess she was having to work a little harder in order to breathe while she ate. But after all of that they said she was still doing great.

Adleigh is still eating. She is up to 11 ml and goes up 4 mls every 12 hours. So I think by Thursday night she will be up to her full feeds (54 ml) if everything goes really well. Wade was able to feed Adleigh yesterday and he said she did amazing. It was one of the best visits he has had with the girls. Both of them were staring him down and smiling a lot. They love their daddy!

I also had a great shower yesterday and the girls got tons of cute clothes and some very important essentials for the nursery. Thank you so much to everyone who came.

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