Off the vent

Adleigh came off the vent today and they were able to stop the fentanyl drip, which was constant pain medication. She stayed awake the entire time I was with her which was like 2 hours! She seemed to be feeling so much better and hopefully in a few more days they might be ready to start some feeds back.

Liana is still doing really well. She had a few bradys this morning (drop in her heart rate) and they had to increase her flow from .5 liters to 1 liter. She can go home if she is on 0.1 liters so we have a little ways to go. I think all of her bradys and desats are still related to her reflux so if she keeps continuing this then they might put more cereal in her milk to make it even thicker.

If you have any questions, whether it is about what a term means or to ask something about our family (etc), please leave a comment and I would love to answer you.


Michelle Jamie said...

My second son Joshua, was born three weeks early(a midwife friend believes its because my placenta was incompetent). He stayed blue for a day an a half and he was in an incubator with oxygen. At 17 days old we found out he had a belly button hernia, nothing serious at all. Then at around 5 weeks there was blood in his stool. We found out he had groin hernias as well. We decided to keep an eye on it. The following week I saw a surgeon and he said that they had progressed so much that you didn't need an ultra sound to see them. I asked him if he could be in pain. He said it’s possible. The day after the operation (at 8 weeks old) to fix the groin hernias he was a different baby. He was awake for longer, ate better, pooped better and a week later (9 weeks old) he had his first smile. I am now convinced that the pain of the intestines going into the hernia is where he was focusing all his energy to cope.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that your girls are doing so well. Your updates are so wonderful it makes me feel like I know you and the girls so well. You will have to bring your family back to SBC for a visit when everyone is stable at home because we are keeping very close tabs on you and praying for all of you many times a day. I am a nurse at Greenville Hospital and even all my staff members are praying for you daily and I show them your updates often. Love Vanessa Epps (Becky Holloways daughter)vanessaepps@hotmail.com

Bajphace Srinivasan said...

My question is, how is it possible that you and Wade are both so sexy?