Adleigh's surgery was a complete success! The surgeon was able to take out the damaged portion of the intestines and reattach the ends. We are so thankful for God answering our prayers to not have the ostomy bag. Now she will not have to go back later for another surgery!!! She is still on the vent since they gave her more pain medicine when she came back from surgery, but hopefully she will start to wake up and not need the pain meds tomorrow.

Liana had her oxygen flow turned down to .5 liters and is having a little more oxygen concentration with it. She seems to like this a lot better and this is much closer to the amount we can take her home on. The doctor also witnessed one of her reflux spells and decided to put her on reflux meds. It will take a few days to see if this helps her out a lot, but I think this will be exactly what she needs. Her brain ultrasound is still showing that is is progressing in the normal way and it is looking good enough that they said she won't need another one for about a month.

Today was amazing and thank you so much for everyone who went to God this morning and prayed for our sweet daughters. We definitely felt the power of your prayers today!


Adam and Aimee Freeman said...

AWESOME NEWS!!! We have been thinking and praying all day for you. God is AMAZING!! Love you guys!

Adam & Aimee Freeman

Michelle Jamie said...

Praise God for answered prayer

Kristin said...

Found your blog through a link in my Google Alert for "ostomy".

I'm a former nanny for twins who were born at 29 weeks, I have an ostomy because of Crohn's disease, and I'm a follower of Christ, too.

Just wanted to offer my prayers and support for your family and your precious miracles.


Tasha Via said...

Oh, that is soooo good to hear. They have come so far!!!