Go away bradys

As I drove home tonight from the hospital I started thinking about ways I can steal my babies from the NICU/NPCN and bring them home. Well...I don't think I will do it, but if they are there much longer I can't make any promises.

Anyway, Liana is over the 5 lb mark now! She weighed 5 lbs 0.4 ozs! What a big girl she has become. She also has a little swing in her room and is put in it during the day to give her more things to do than just lay in her crib all the time. She seemed pretty tired today which made it a little tougher to feed her. She is still having bradys and that is what we really want to go away right now. Wade had a pretty scary moment when he fed her tonight. They are the worst things to go through and it really ruins the sweet time of giving your child a bottle.

During our stay in the NICU and NPCN our girls have usually been so calm and quiet. Maybe they were just too little to make much of a fuss, but Adleigh is making up for lost time right now. She has been really cranky the past two days. I am chalking it up to still having some pain from her intestinal surgery and wanting to eat really bad. But nothing can really console her. She won't take the pacy nor calm down if I tickle her head. She just cries for about 30 secs and then nods off for a minute and repeats the cycle over and over. But the more important news is that her tummy is looking soft and she is having bowel sounds and actually pooped a little yesterday. So maybe Friday they will start her feeds...very slowly. And...get ready for it...Adleigh is off oxygen again! She is breathing on her own and seems to be doing just great with it! I love it!

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Jennifer said...

We went through those bradys too. They'll get better in time. Coordination is a big deal for micros but they'll get it eventually. Praying your girls come home soon.