Eating again

I have got to stop waiting so late to post!
We got Liana a mobile today and it looked super cute. It even turns on if it senses her crying. That is one smart mobile. She was asleep when we put her back in the crib so we don't really know yet if she likes it. She only had two real bradys during the day and they were both totally reflux related. I just want to know what we can do to make this better. I know there is still the option of doing Enfamil AR (the heavy reflux formula) and at this point I just want whatever is going to make her the most comfortable. It can't feel good vomiting up your food at every meal.

Adleigh started eating today. She started out with some water/electrolyte combo just to see if she could keep it down and then at 8 tonight they were going to start giving her breast milk. She will get 7 ml every 3 hours and in the morning we should have a better idea if she is tolerating it or not. So far so good! Just keep praying that she has an easy time with eating this time around and that we don't have any setbacks. It is time to get her home and she has to be at full feeds for that to happen. Thanks so much everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ferris,
I have been following your blog and continually praying for you and your family.. I felt led to finally post as my daughter was diagnosed with reflux at birth. She was put on the Enfamil AR after she started losing weight and continually filling receiving blankets (instead of burp cloths)after eating. Once she started the formula she was a different child (not as cranky and able to gain weight and keep her "food" down). Se is now 10 years old and still battles the reflux on and off, but with Zantac lives a very normal life. I pray the Enfamil is your answer as well. Lifting you all up!