Squeaks and Grunts

The girls were having a great day. Adleigh is still off the vent and in her crib. She seemed a little fussy today so we think that she might be showing signs of getting hungry. She slept for most of the day and then would wake up to give a good 15 second cry and then fall asleep again.

Liana had more rice cereal added to her milk. They also increased the amount of her reflux meds to see if we can get rid of some of the bradys that occur because of her reflux. She had some great awake time today with me and here is a video of her making some amazing squeaks and grunts. Not to mention she looks so cute trying to suck on her thumb and hand.


Colleen Corbett said...

aaawwww....I feel all warm and fuzzy after watching that! When those babies come home and finally start coming to church, you better watch out! The Elevation paparazzi will be everywhere! Adleigh actually looks like a little chunky monkey in the other picture! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Ferris,, Liana looks so good, but I couldn't help but cry tears of happiness and joy when I saw the Video of Liana, she is just so adorable, and she has come so far, she looks great,both girls do.Adleigh looks like she is doing well since her surgery,and they both are gaining weight and they are sweet, beautiful, adorable babies.I look forward to holding them both soon.I love you,,and miss you ,,MoM

Lindsey said...

Beautiful. :)

Love the new design on the blog!

Michelle Jamie said...

Praise the Lord for the gift of life!

How are her brain bleeds?

Jackie McCoy said...

I was in a store today, buying a little something for Adleigh and Liana, and the cashier said, "Do you have twins?" I told her what was up, and she said, "Oh! I am a twin!" I told her about some of their struggles, and she said, "My sister and I were born two months premature. I speak as a twin when I say those girls are going to be just fine! Don't you worry!"

She was so confident that it was sort of uncanny. She just kept saying, "I'm telling you, don't worry about those girls. They're going to be perfectly healthy. Doctors say stuff, but I'm telling you - they're going to be just fine."

And you know what? I believe her! :-)


amanda said...

That little video was PRECIOUS!

Cheyenne Schultz said...

OH MY GOODNESS - this is precious! So great to meet you the other night. :)