Weekend Recap

Wade and I are still in the process of finding our new Charlotte home. This Saturday was the second time we have looked at houses in the area and we were fairly successful. I think there are at least two houses that I could move into.

This weekend we decided to stay in Charlotte overnight so that we could visit both campuses of Elevation. We are both super excited about what God has in store for us there. Wade wrote down lots of notes about what his new job will consist of and I soaked in the excitement and passion of our new church.

But one of the things that has made me feel even more comfortable with the move are the people there. We have had the pleasure of having Larry Hubatka as our realtor and he also heads up the student ministry at Elevation. He has made us feel welcome and excited about our move to Charlotte. And after hearing a lot of amazing things about her, I was able to meet Kelly Hubatka (Larry's wife). We met at church and she was super friendly. And I already have this amazing respect for her with having 4 girls under 5. It is great to find people like this when you are new. There is always this fear that you will move to a new place and it will be really hard to find friends or have someone to talk to, but I feel like with the people we are meeting at Elevation that we are finding friends before we have even made the move to Charlotte.

Tonight a Columbia clan will head to the 8pm preview showing of Transformers. I had no idea that this cartoon/toy existed before all this movie hype. But I have embraced it whole hearted. I am ready to hear the line that Wade has quoted all week:

One shall stand, one shall fall.


Will said...

You are a good wife. You Nevalosing surpasses that of even my own. PRIME!!!!

Kelly H. said...

You are so sweet! I am SO excited for you guys to get here...we will have the best time hanging out, and our church is so blessed to be bringing you two on board.