Say it isn't so

I love the show Man vs Wild. For some reason I like the show better than Survivorman. But seeing this article puts a new perspective on things. Some people are saying that Bear Grylls of Man vs Wild is staying in hotels while he is supposed to be surviving in the crazy places. It even says that some of the events were staged like biting off a snake's head, wrangling a mustang, and even building a raft. I still give him tons of credit for all the things we see him do on the show (the dude swims in the freaking Arctic) and he can certainly climb, but if Survivorman does it all on his own then I would say listen to his survival tips instead. But don't worry Bear Grylls, Wade and I will still watch your show.

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George said...

It's true. Proving, once again, that I am right...Survivorman DOES rule!