A Chronicle of the "Potential" part 2

Yesterday we decided to let the "potential" go. We discussed all the projects that we would need to do on the house and factored in moving to a new city and starting new jobs and we came to the conclusion that we should probably not stress ourselves out.

So, yesterday Wade booked it to Charlotte before he had to go to an Elevation meeting to look at a few houses. I had to trust that Wade would represent each house well and make sure that it was one we would both enjoy. And it seems like he found one. He went on and on about how much I would love it. So we will see if things work out with this new house we have our eyes on.

Also, Wade is out of town again! But this is a pretty short trip. Although, I am having to keep our crazy beagle plus our pastor's beagle and when they are together it is chaos. The past two nights both dogs have jumped on the couch and smothered me. Ne-hi (our pastor's dog) lays all over my feet and Scooter lays directly on my stomach with his face on my neck. It is unusual.

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Jessi said...

Hey girl! You'll have to let me know where you're looking in Charlotte! Also - let me know when ya'll will be at Elevation, we've been wanting to visit since Elevation launched around the same time as our church!

Jessi Connolly