A Chronicle of the "New Potential" Part 4/ Check Me Out (portfolio website)

This past week felt so crazy. I was left alone from Monday to Thursday while Wade was on his trip to make offers on the "new potential." And you all know that we got it. I couldn't wait until this Saturday to see what I had been praying to get without have ever being inside! So I finally get to see our beautiful new house and I LOVE IT. I am already in decorating mode. I can't wait to make this house really "ours." We took these two pictures at our house being proud new owners!

I also finally got up my portfolio site. You can check it out and let me know what you think. That site doesn't show all my work, but it is a good base to start from.


Rachel said...

you and wade are going to have babies in this house! its so freaking cute!

MoM said...

Ferris , I have to say that I LOVE your new home,,it is Beautiful..I cried when I saw it. You and Sharlie have very pretty homes. I had no idea it was going to be that Pretty, Wade did a good job,, I can't wait to see it! Did you get my Bd present to you in the mail? let me know. Love MoM

Sharlie said...

Your new house is soooo pretty! Wade did a good job!

Anonymous said...

Nice house.
Enjoyed looking at your portfolio. . .Reggie Joyner would like it (he's got a thing for orange- ask Wade).


meagan said...

ferris!!!!! your house is so nice!!! i am so happy for you!! :)

babes.having.babes said...

I've got to know where this is! We almost visited Elevation today and i thought of you! I actually just emailed Holly Furtick last night to pick her brain on a few things... When do you officially move?