I may need to vomit

Wade and I have had some encounters with gross things. A dead mouse in our dog's water bowl, vomit and urine from our dog and visiting dogs, a youth who puked in a bathroom sink after he ate the nastiest hotdog known to man, and I am sure we will encounter more. For some reason I am usually the person to clean all this up. I apparently have the stomach to handle the most disgusting of messes and Wade doesn't mind me taking over.

This morning tested my skills of handling absolutely awful things. Our dog Scooter had an "accident" inside his crate last night. He did warn us with incessant barking in the middle of the night, but we assumed he was upset that his friend Ne-hi was allowed to walk around in the room while he was locked up. We were extremely wrong. Ole Scooter's stomach wasn't feeling too well and he let out some of the most foul smelling stuff.

We tried to clean it up with paper towels and I felt like I could vomit. The mess was too great and we had to take his crate and bedding outside and wash the mushy poo out of it with the hose. Right now everything is sitting outside to dry out and waiting to be cleaned with some kind of miracle disinfectant.

Wade said we could apply this as a valuable life lesson. Scooter barked during the middle of the night to be taken out, but we were too comfy and tired to get up. We made an excuse about Scooter being jealous of another dog. We could have gotten up and handled a situation before it got really messy. Instead we decided to stay in our comfy beds and spend 15 minutes this morning cleaning up the most horrible mess ever.

So the moral: Don't wait to handle any kind of situation until it becomes a huge mess. You should handle it right when you feel just a little uncomfortable because you know if you wait it isn't going to be pretty.

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MoM said...

I read about poor Scooter,,just think how bad he felt too waiting to let it out,,he was holding that in for as long as he could ,,I remeber when I was a little girl we had a dog in New York, the dog needed to go out real bad it was like 3 am or something , the dog cried and whined at the door for a while , I finally got up and let him out , that was the happiest dog..my parents didnt seem to care , or they didnt hear him to let him out,,well anyways glad sooter feels better, and hope you get the stink out...smiles