Birthday Festivities

Friday was my 23rd birthday! Good ole July 13th. I took off work, got to watch Harry Potter, ate some steak, bought some clothes, went to the lake, and had multiple good dinners with friends and family (multiple restaurants singing to me as well). Let me just say I am so thankful for everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday! I missed some phone calls of people who remembered my special day and although I didn't get to talk to you, you have no idea how much it means to me. And thank you for the emails/comment posts as well!

But if you want to hear some awesome stories from my birthday check out my amazing husband's blog. One funny story he mentions is putting a Happy Birthday balloon on Scooter's collar. He was really freaked out, but it made an amazing picture.

And I thought I would also add a picture of me and my gorgeous husband from Saturday evening. And yes, we were still celebrating my birthday.

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