A design rant

The past two days I have drove to Lexington, SC around 6:15. For some reason I didn't have on the radio and just studied the things around me.
I have this odd dynamic of being some sort of lover of nature but with this need to see modern buildings and design. I don't really know how the two go in hand, but somehow they do. You would think that a huge Target building would enrage me that it eliminated land that animals and birds called their home, but instead I rejoice at their sleek design mixed with dashes of eye-catching red.

I have found one thing that really annoys me. And that is the onslaught of small business signs. I don't think I necessarily hate all small business signs, but it is more of a mix of there are always 15 signs within 5 feet of one another and they usually are poorly designed. On my drive, I passed random car dealerships, old jewelry stores, car repair places, storage facilities, etc. It seems as if they all came in around 1970, built their small business, hired their cousin Joe to make them a sign to put in the front yard and haven't changed a thing since then. People get someone to give you a design, a brand!

So, which would you rather see...

A huge Target building that engulfs an area of land


15 small businesses that take up the same amount of land with bad signs?

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