Wade and I love a graphic tee. I call most of Wade's t-shirts rocker tees because well...he is a rockstar and the shirts help him look like one. Ha! Anyway, I know I should have seen this site way before now, but I didn't. The Threadless website seems really cool. And up until now Wade and I have gotten cool shirts from Express or American Eagle and BigStuf. I like the idea of having a shirt that not everyone in the universe is wearing. Basically at Threadless anyone can submit a shirt design and they can decide to sell it or not.

They have girl tees, regular tees, kids tees, and even onesies for some designs. So, if you are looking for some new cool shirts then this just might be the coolest site for you to go to. You may end up having too many to choose from though!


Rachel said...

threadless is amazing! good stuff for real

Will said...

Sweet Ferris, I've been going to this site for sometime now. Several of my finest T's are from this site. The pic on my blog...Threadless T babies!! I'm glad you've found there goodness.