You crazy Judges

I had this preconceived notion that the book of Judges was boring. I guess I associated it with law and court cases or something and figured it would be torture to get through. Boy was I wrong. I mean already all these people are being murdered. Some dude had his thumbs and big toes chopped off. However, this is probably the craziest one so far.

It's amazing what is happening in Judges. I mean you finish the book of Joshua where the Israelites have been given all this land and they have been given victory over every single enemy. All they have to do to keep living the high and mighty life is to follow the Lord. But you know what happens? The people who saw all these amazing things die and their children don't give one hoot about it. I mean they rebel like crazy. They start following Baal and worship other gods and get engrossed in the other cultures and leave God at the door. So God puts the smack-down over and over and send their enemies to destroy them. And eventually the Israelites cry out to God, "Save us!" And he brings them a judge to conquer the enemy and to rule the land with peace until they die.

I started thinking about that cycle the Israelites are in. I mean how many times have we been shown God's might, strength, power, glory, etc and we turn our heads. We look at this other kind of cool thing over here. And then we begin to doubt God or we rebel or maybe we even say He doesn't exist. I used to get annoyed with the Israelites saying that they were lame because they couldn't trust God. They would cry to Moses that he should have left them in Egypt because they would surely die traveling to the promise land. But I'm just like them. I will see God do something amazing or feel the Holy Spirit totally engulf me at a moment. And then it's back to same ole Ferris who doesn't realize the power she has with a huge God on her side. Something to remember next time I think about turning my head.

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