There's a fire in my bones

So this weekend I got completely drained, but in an amazing way. I attended the Beth Moore conference Friday night and Saturday morning. I am sure that I am going to post some of my thoughts from the weekend, but for right now I think the biggest thing I learned from her is how important the Holy Spirit is. I mean as a Christian I always "knew" this, but somehow now I really embrace it. One of my favorite things she said was this (totally paraphrased):

You should pray before you read the scriptures. Because when you combine the oil of the Holy Spirit that is within you with the fire that is the Word of God you are bound to have a combustion.

I am totally loving some Beth Moore right now. I would like to go to another conference and possibly pick up one or two of her books to read.

Also, as I was reading Joshua today I found a little gold nugget tucked away. It was after the many verses that talked about where the boundary lines lie for each of the tribes of Jacob.

Joshua 21:45 Not one of all the Lord's good promises to the house of Israel failed, every one was fulfilled.
Doesn't that just sound beautiful? We have a God that fulfilled every single promise to His people even when they were so annoying, whiny, and unfaithful. God is so good. Meaning He will keep every promise that He makes to us as well. God does not fail at anything and never will.

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