Wednesday was a whirlwind. I left work early and arrived in Charlotte at 4:30. Wade's plane hadn't arrived yet so I looped around the pick-up area about 7 times. Then I got to see my gorgeous husband! I was so ready for him to be back. We headed off to a Charlotte resturant to meet up with some people for dinner and had a great time. We spent the night in Charlotte and had to come back to Columbia yesterday.

Then last night Chi Alpha began. This is like Discipleship Now. We have the kids come to the church and hear a guest speaker and band and then on Friday night and Saturday night they spend the night in host homes. It is going to be a lot of fun. I have my camera this weekend so I should get some good shots for the week. It will be fun! I am getting to be a co-leader with my new friend Kristin and I am so excited! We have hung out a little together but this is going to be a great time to really connect. Her boyfriend Christian and my Wade are very close and do a lot of music stuff together. So we always like hanging out with them.

On another note, this has been the month of birthdays in my family. My sister's birthday was April 22nd, my dad's birthday was April 26th, and my brother-in-laws birthday is April 28th! So I wanted to wish them all HAPPY BIRTHDAY and tell them that I love them all! They are the best family anyone could ask for. Here is a celebratory birthday hat for each.

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