A Wonderful Weekend

I had an amazing weekend in Belton. I got to visit my sister and see my baby niece Pressley and the rest of the fam. Pressley was so awesome and I had a blast laughing with my sister and hanging out on Saturday. On Saturday we (me, sharlie, dad, mom, Pressley) went to eat lunch at Grits and Groceries and I knocked over a glass of ice and watered down Coke into my lap so that it looked like I went to the bathroom in my pants and it all happened because I jumped when a fly landed on my finger. Then that night we ate at Olive Garden (the dinner guests were my dad, mom, Sharlie, Pressley, me and Benjamin) and we had a fabulous time and laughed the whole time. My dad knocked over a chair and almost hit a prom couple.

I was really sad to leave. I missed Wade incredibly and had to get back to see him, but I wish I was just an hour closer to my family. I tried to talk Sharlie into moving to Columbia but for some reason she won't.

I read her most recent blog and almost started crying. Then later I tried to tell Wade how much the blog meant to me and I actually did cry. This line she wrote kept getting me: "I wish that I could wake up tomorrow and relive today. I had a blast." Me too!!

I don't know if I am getting soft or what. I used to never show emotions and now I am all girly and crying. I guess I just really started realizing what is important. And family is very high on the list. My sister gave a little background on our history so check out her blog to read some of our past, but I will tell you that although we didn't really have crazy siblings fights we weren't that close growing up. So I never knew how we would be when we got older. But as soon as we are together it is just like how you would act with your best friend. So open, so much fun, lots of deep and good conversations, and now a baby we can oooh and aaahh over. It was an amazing weekend.

Pressley not liking the new hat I bought her.
Pressley getting some nourishment and doing some cool hand motion.
Beautiful mom and baby.
The Griers as a family.
My precious niece.

Also, I put more weekend pics on my Flickr account.


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