Come back Wade

I have been missing some Wade today. He went out of town and I couldn't go because of work. Usually a Monday consists of coming home from work and immediately getting a hug from Wade and then talking about our days to one another. Instead, I came home yesterday and there was no Wade. Just Scooter. It was sad. Then usually during the day Wade and I will have about 3 or so times that we will talk during the day. They are usually less than a minute, but they just let each other know we are thinking about them. But today because of his conference I haven't gotten to talk to him much.

Also, I think that if any of you miss his blogging then you should leave a comment and tell him to blog again! I know I miss it.

Now I don't know if any of you know this but Wade is the king of the "Would You Rather" game. He is known for his quick wit with coming up with a question and his reasoning behind his answers. It is actually amazing how awesome he is at it. So in honor of Wade and since it makes me smile thinking of him playing would you rather I pose a question to all of you?

Would You Rather...
hit every red light for the rest of your life
always be wrong?

My answer is hit every red light. I hate being wrong. And you would probably see more of the world around you if you stopped at every red light.

What's your answer?


Megan said...

hit every red light! definitely. would you rather have a hamster sized rhino or a rhino sized hamster?

MoM said...

Hit every red light.
Hey Wade , Ferris misses you!..So do we!
Love , Terry

Andrew Stewart said...

hit every red light, because if i was wrong about everything then Michael Heaton would always win our arguments and I can't be defeated by him... to answer megan's I would say a Hamster sized rhino because I don't want to have to take care of anything that is the size of a real rhino.

Ferris said...

I am with you as well andrew. A hamster sized rhino would be best. Everyone would want to hold a rhino that small.

Laura Troutman said...

Hit every red light. Even though just thinking about it makes me feel like freaking out.

And I think Elisabeth Smith is the only person I've met who rivals Wade's skills in "would you rather." He is quite talented.