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These are the images that I sent to BigStuf (a giganto summer camp for youth groups). They weren't picked so I thought it would be okay to show you. They told me their summer camp was focused on the word rhythm and that I could interpret that how I wanted. I sent them these descriptions as well:

Concept 1 (first two images): "Rhythm all Around You" I tried to think of being engulfed in rhythm. In these images I use a very simple face and then show rhythm through colors, patterns, motion, and some music notes. The feeling that rhythm can be wherever we go and these two people are taking notice.

Concept 2 (second two images): "Musical Rhythm" I went with literal rhythm here. Here the rhythm has taken over the very instrument that brought it to life. I used detail in the way the lines made each instrument and how the rhythm has now affected its atmosphere. We could use any instrument. I picked two of the most common.

Concept 3 (solar): "Solar Rhythm" This idea comes from the fact that rhythm is bigger than we are. Our planets and solar system are on a rhythm that God designed before any creature roamed the earth. It also shows how if anything went off its rhythm then our world would cease to exist. There are so many things held in a delicate balance and rhythm in our universe.

Concept 4 (waves)" "Ocean Rhythm" The ocean is a constant symbol of rhythm. In this image I focused on a rhythm that can be peaceful and soothing. It has the feel of watching the ocean waves crash during a sunrise. It is the rhythm of the water mixed with the power of the waves that brings us to a "wow" moment.




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