CHECK ME OUT (easter)

I have been super busy at work last week and today. I feel like my brain hasn't had room to breathe. I realize in order for me to be creative I need to have moments of nothingness. I need to surf the web. I need to look at new things people are designing: print, furniture, buildings, etc. I need to take in things. I also think that whenever I am outside it is like one of those moments where I am just taking in creativity from nature. I see the colors of flowers, the ways trees bend, interesting looking lizards. It is an escape from the normal mundane tasks.
I know some of you out there are like what does this girl even do...well, probably not but I will show you. I think the things I enjoy doing the most are creative poster/promo pieces for our church series. I am about to start having to work on one and have it finished by WED!
I figured it would be cool to start a trend where I upload some of those images. For my first posting I wanted to show you what I did for our Easter musical bulletin this past week. It was just a one time bulletin, but I was very pleased with it. I am also going to show you the image I started with (istockphoto) and then what I brought it to. Here it is:

So, I changed the coloring. Made tons of lens flare like the glory of the Lord is shining behind the cross. I added a crinkled paper look to the background. I made a grunge border and filled in some more grunge with the help of some photoshop brushes.
The musical was more about the feeling of Easter and remembering what Jesus did for us. So I went with the feeling of an old photograph. One that you might look at over and over again so the coloring is a little different and the paper a little crinkled. I would have liked to take it farther, but I had time constraints. It would have been cool to do an actual photograph with torn edges or dog-eared corners. But I am happy with it.


MoM said...

I like it Ferris ,I like the cross and what you did to it, I also like you showing us your work , its nice that you let us se what you are doing , and letting us see your creative side. Keep up the great work.
love MoM

Andrew Stewart said...

that's cool a junk you keep up the creativity

Sharlie said...

Wow, that looks great! I wish I was talented like that!
Love you! Sharlie