CHECK ME OUT (defining moments series)

I have decided CHECK ME OUT will be my new title for any of my design posts. So just in case you were begging for it to be shown in the last post...here is the bulletin insert I designed for the new series: Defining Moments in the Journey. It will run from April 8-May 27. Each of the pointing arrows will be a sermon title.
Wade helped me a ton on this one. I was going a completely different (bad) direction and he showed me the light. I think it looks good. But I am not blown away by it. I wish I had a little more time I could have put into it. But the deadline didn't allow for much creativity. Our pastor did tell me it would be a great book cover. Let me know what you think.

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Megan said...

i love seeing your work! it's awesome!

also, i use estee lauder for foundation but it's really heavy but i think it makes my skin look really soft and it stays on all day...i use jane irdel for powder...it stays on a long time also, helps w/ oiliness AND it is "inert" meaning it supposedly doesn't harbor bacteria! the only place i know to get it is from the aesthetics school studio that i go to in West Cola.

i miss you ferris!!